Norwegian Forest Cat

born: oktober 17th, 2002

black NFO-n

genetic for: classic tabby and blue


Murphy´s Venus





Her name is MAUZE, because she taked and taked and taked.

She ist the 3generation of Murphy´s in Black...but she take the gen for blue, her mother not.

Venus is a nice young lady, with a exellent heat, her noseline is ex. strait, her chin ist very good she had big lyxs tips on the top of her ears and she had a lot of very good coat, and a long tail.

We hope the 3 genation of Murphy´s get nice, sweet babys too.


15.02.03 D*Essen 3-6 mon. V1, BIS, WCF-Ringshow 4 / M.Meister (D)

08.03.03 D*Gladbeck 3-6 mon. V1, nominiert BIS / D.Meister (D)

24.05.03 D*Duisburg 6-10 mon. V1, nominiert BIS / G.Paquet (F)

13.09.03 D*Bochum oC V1, CAC, nominiert BIS / M.Schildan-Maschke (D)