Gr.Int. Champion

D*Murphy´s Amidala

Norwegian Forest Cat

born: July 10th, 2004

tortie + white NFO-f-09

genetic for: classic tabby and blue

HCM-normal 09.2006 Dr. Kresken

GSD4 free (n/n)



Her name is Amidala, ..... from our Starwars Litter.

I wait 5 years to get a female in tortie with white.... her halfsister Wi-Ola is very nice too but without white... so I think Venus (black) must marryed Gucci (red+white) than only non-agouti can come.... it was so a nice litter the best of them was Princess Leia but she was without white.... and now I´m happy to have Ami... it´s her nickname.

She ist the 4 generation of Murphy´s in non-agouti... and she is in typ that what I will breed.

Amidala is a nice young lady, with a exellent heat, her noseline is ex. strait, her chin ist good she had big lyxs tips on the top of her ears.... one red and one black and she had a lot of coat, and a normely long tail. The best is she is so sweet in character.




Belgien Duffel 09.January 2005 Judge:Fr. Wal (NL)

V1 (3-6) BIV and BIS and BOB

Gelsenkirchen 12.Febuary 2005 Judge: Hr. Meister (D)

V1 + BIS (6-10) + WCF-Ring-Show all breed Place 2

Gelsenkirchen 13.February 2005 Judge: Fr. Breuer (D)

V1 + BIS( 6-10) + WCF-Ring-Show all breed Place 3

Homberg 19.March 2005

V1 + BIS (6-10) + WCF-Ring-Show all breed Place 4

Homberg 20.March 2005

V1 + BIS (6-10) + WCF-Ring-Show all breed Place 1

Essen 26.November 2005 Judge: Hr. Werts (B)

V1 + CAC + BIS + BOX

Essen 27.November 2005 Judge: Hr. Meister (D)

V1 + CAC

Gelsenkirchen 21.Janury 2006 Judge: Hr. Sigulin (Ukraine)

V1 + CACIB + BIV + Judges love + BIS + BOB + BOAII

Gelsenkirchen 22.Januray 2006 Judge: Fr. Kleinendorst (NL)

V1 + CACIB + BIV + Judges love + nominiert BIS

Utrecht 29.January 2006 Judge: Fr. Wismann (Southafrika)

V1 + CACIB +BIV + nominiert BIS lost by loose :O(

Belgien Liege 02.04.2006 Judge: Fr.Schildan-Maschke (D)


Duisburg 17.06.2006 Judge: Hr. Wendt (D)

V1 + CAGCIB + BIS +BOX + WCF-Ring-Show all breed Platz 1

Duisburg 18.06.2006 Judge: Fr. Meister (D)

V1 + CAGCIB + BIS +BOB + BOA III + WCF-Ring-Show alle Rassen Place 7

November 18th. 2006 D*Wickede Judge: Fr. Meister(D)

Special Show Norwegian Forest Cats

V1 + CACE + BIS +BOB +

"Super Best" Beste Cat -all Breed-

Specailprice best Norwegian Look

and WCF-Ringshow Adults all breed 1. Place

December 2th, 2006 D*Essen Judge: Mr.Bajou(F)

V1 + CACE + nominiert BIS

and WCF-Ringshow Adult all breed 1. Place

February 25th 2007 Essen

Gr.Int.Ch. D*Murphy´s Amidala V1 + CACE + BIS + BOB

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and Amidala -BEST CAT ADULT all Breed 2006!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 1th, 2007 Dortmund WCC-Kongress

D*Murphy´s Amidala V1 + CACE + BIS
+ BOX judge U´Ren (Australien)

B*Duffel January, 20th 2008

D*Murphy´s Amidala V1 + GCACE + BIV judge Gitzem (NL)

NL*Utrecht January, 27th 2008

D*Murphy´s Amidala V1 + GCACE + BIV judge Apold (D)